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D DG MD Centrifugal multistage pumps/Centrifugal multistage pumps

D DG MD Centrifugal multistage pumps/Centrifugal multistage pumps

The D and DG type horizontal multistage centrifugal pumps are suitable for conveying clear water (with impurity less than 1%, particle size less than 0.1mm) and other liquid whose physicochemical property similar to water. The D type pump transferred medium’s temperature should not be more than 80℃. This pump is suitable for drainage and water supply of factories, mines and cities. The DG type pump transferred medium’s temperature should not be more than 105℃. This pump is suitable for small boiler water supply or transport similar hot water.

The MD wear-resisting centrifugal pump for mine is a kind of wear-resisting multistage centrifugal pump which designed and improved based on the D type. The MD type is energy-efficient, wear resistance and service life long. It is very suitable for water supply and drainage of mines, for it can pump mine water that solid particle content is less than 1. 5% (particle diameter is less than 0. 5mm) and other similar liquid. The liquid temperature is not higher than 80℃.



Motor power:4kW—2500kW      

Rated voltage:380V—10000V


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